Palfrey Street Excel Web Data Fix

PSEWD Fix is an add-on module for Open Text Livelink or Content Server to correct a known problem with Open Text Livelink version 9.7.1 preventing users from importing LiveReport results into Microsoft Excel.  With prior versions of Livelink, users were able to pull LiveReport data into Microsoft Excel using the Web Data query feature and select just the HTML table which contains the report results.  That capability stopped working with the Open Text 9.7.1 release.  Palfrey Street Excel Web Data Fix (PSEWDFix) corrects that problem in Livelink or Content Server 9.7.1 and allows users to once again select only the results portion of the LiveReports web page when importing the data into Microsoft Excel.

Note that this problem has been resolved in the 10.0 and 10.5 versions of Content Server. This module is only needed if you are running 9.7.1.

PSEWD Fix is available as freeware; you may download it freely, distribute and use it under the End User License Agreement.

The code from this module is included in version 1.0.1 of Palfrey Street ReportPlus; if you already have purchased ReportPlus, be sure to download the latest version; you do not need the PSEWDFix module.